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Our hosts guide you through each liturgical season with insight, personal stories and scripture!

Produced by KDUA & Patriarch Ministries

"Living Seasons of Change" is a radio show based on the Church's liturgical year. Digging deeper into the seasons will help you understand the layout of the Church’s important liturgical readings from scripture. The series is broadcast on KDUA 96.5 FM (Friday 9 AM, Saturday 9 AM & Sunday 5 PM).

It is the desire of the Church to promote the “liturgical” year. God has laid out for us a path of feasts to move us through the seasons of the year, so that by repeating them we might grow in awareness of the importance of God’s plan of salvation and the kingdom —come on earth as it is in heaven. All the seasons are one in heaven —in eternity. God has given the feasts to help us to call to mind his love, his forgiveness, his mercy, his joy.

Using wisdom, the church has set these feasts into a liturgical calendar. The leaders of the Church have also added the days to recall certain saints so as to set aside a time to reflect on the Way; each day can have richness.

Each show of “Living Seasons of Change”, hosted by Patti Brunner with Co-host Monsignor David LeSieur, V.F., will weave the topics of the liturgical calendar, combining God’s love for his people and personal testimony with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

CYCLE A (From December 2010 to November 2011)

December A - Season of Waiting. Experience the Old Testament waiting, Advent, 2nd coming too. Call to repentance. Preparation. Salvation plan continues. God’s personal plan for you. [ Download Show ]

January A - Season of Foundation. Old Testament promises are fulfilled in Christ starting with his earliest days. [ Download Show ]

February A - Season of Hope. Covers the Ash Wednesday and the first four weeks of Lent. [ Download Show ]

March A - Season of Salvation. The majesty of the kingdom of God was won through a battle of blood, a battle of betrayal, suffering and death. Our prize –salvation— is completed as the body of Jesus is restored to glory. [ Download Show ]

April A - Season of More. As we enter the fullness of the Easter season during the weeks of spring, new life awakens our hearts with a fullness of hope brought forth in the Liturgy of the Word that reveals the kingdom come. Jesus tells us how to live the Kingdom life, and the Early Church shows us how they are doing it! [ Download Show ]

May A - Season of Glory. Accept the glorious feasts of the Ascension, Pentecost, the Trinity and the Body and Blood of Jesus into your lives. They show God’s total commitment to our success as members of the Kingdom of God. Use them to grow and expand the Kingdom of God in your own life and in the world. [ Download Show ]

June A - Season of Apostleship. Challenges God’s people to listen to his call and prepare to be sent out as witnesses. Covers the 9-12th Weeks of Ordinary Time in Year A. [ Download Show ]

July A - Season of Discovery. What was hidden is now found! Discover treasure in the parables of Jesus. Covers the 14-17th Weeks of Ordinary Time in Year A. [ Download Show ]

August A - Season of Following Jesus. This month’s Living Season of Change challenges us to listen to the quiet voice of the Lord, to go out and follow the Lord; to step out of the boat with expectant faith. It covers the 18-22nd Weeks of Ordinary Time in Year A. [ Download Show ]

September A - Season of Agreements. This month's Living Season of Change explains Covenant and the need for us to keep our part of the bargain. It covers the 23-26th Weeks of Ordinary Time in Year A. [ Download Show ]

October A - Season of the Greatest Commandment. This month's Living Season of Change sifts through the Gospels as Jesus helps us to understand the importance of loving Him with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind. It covers the 27-30th Weeks of Ordinary Time in Year A. [ Download Show ]

November A - Season of Time. Msgr. David LeSieur and Patti Brunner will discuss the end of time, purgatory and the need for role models through the readings of the 31st to the 34th Sundays of Ordinary Time included feasts of All Saints Day and Christ the King. [ Download Show ]

CYCLE B (From December 2011 to November 2012)

December B - Season of Preparation. It prepares us for the whole year of hearing and accepting the Good News of Jesus. John the Baptist is key as the voice who paves the way and Mary gives witness to God's preparation. It covers the four weeks of Advent and Christmas of Year B. [ Download Show ]

January B - Season of New Beginning. It calls us to return to the Lord for a "do-over" As we celebrate the beginning of Jesus' life on earth we are attracted by His overwhelming love. It covers the four weeks of the Epiphany and beginning of Ordinary Time of Year B. [ Download Show ]

February B - Season of Traveling with Jesus. It takes you on a short journey that can last a lifetime. It discusses how the Lord chose to spend his days as he lives the kingdom life, teaching, healing, praying and moving on. It covers the 4-7th Weeks of Ordinary Time of Year B. [ Download Show ]

March B - Season of Cross Purposes. This show makes clear the purpose of the cross, the suffering and death of Christ. It takes us from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday, covering the first five weeks of Lent of Year B. [ Download Show ]

April B - Season of Witness. During Easter, the Passion and Holy Week we witness redemption, transformation, Eucharist and sacrifice. It takes us from Palm Sunday through Holy Week and Easter to Mercy Sunday. [ Download Show ]

May B - Season of Power. Reveals the manifested power given by Christ through the authority of his name and the gift of the Holy Spirit. It takes us from the 4th Sunday of Easter to Pentecost. [ Download Show ]

June B - Season of Signs. Discusses some of the God’s visible signs of power over nature and death and the invisible sign of the Trinity: the Sign of the Cross.  These signs are given to help us recognize God’s love and power.  The Living Seasons of Change “Season of Signs” includes the feasts of Trinity Sunday and the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ and the 12th and 13th Sundays of Ordinary Time. [ Download Show ]

July B - Season of Patterns. In this month’s liturgy we get His pattern through the prophets; not only in  how they are similar but how they are different.  Our Gospels give us a blueprint of ministry to follow.  The Living Seasons of Change “Season of Patterns” includes the  14th to 17th Sundays of Ordinary Time. [ Download Show ]

August B - Season of Living Bread. In the Season of Living Bread we find the truth of the Living Word — the sacrifice shared; the nourishment for the journey into the kingdom, and the fullness of the Presence of God. It includes the 18th to 21st Sundays of Ordinary Time of Year B. [ Download Show ]

September B - Season of Mark of Discipleship. Those who follow Jesus are marked by Baptism.  Christians, as “Marked Man” are targets for those who do not accept the truth.  Thus true disciples are ‘tested’ by the unbelievers —the rejecters of the kingdom.  When you walk in the Way of the Lord:  Serving, healing, with humility and justice, you might face hardship and trial but you will always receive the final recompense—eternal life within the Kingdom of God.  This Living Seasons of Change program includes the  22nd to 26th Sundays of Ordinary Time. [ Download Show ]

October B - Season of Vocations. It discusses Marriage, Priesthood and beyond. All of the Gospels come from the 10th Chapter of Mark. This Living Seasons of Change program includes the 27th to 30th Sundays of Ordinary Time. [ Download Show ]

November B - Season of Forever. The choices we make now impact eternity.  The second coming, the judgement is coming to everyone.  The scriptures of this Season of Forever make this clear.  God’s mercy gives the gift of time so that more shall choose to change their ways through Christ’s intercession and the prayers of the faithful.  The Church celebrates All Saints Day, All Souls Day and the feast of Christ the King during these last few weeks of the Church Year B. [ Download Show ]

CYCLE C (From December 2012 to November 2013)

December C - Season of Holiness. This Year C Advent Living Seasons of Change program provides a fresh look at our need for holiness and how the Church responds to our need through the Advent liturgical readings of the Mass. [ Download Show ]

January C - Season of Manifestation. The joy of Christmas is a taste of heaven, the joy of the Epiphany is a taste of salvation, the joy of the first weeks of Ordinary time is the joy of the manifestation of the power and grace and love of God manifested in the person of Jesus and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and through the establishment of trust in God the Father. [ Download Show ]

February C - Season of Sharing. God is very generous in giving for all of our needs, yet He wants us to imitate him, to reflect him, so he gives us the opportunity to satisfy the needs of others rather than doing it all himself.  In this way, we grow in the understanding of God’s love, compassion and we fulfill God’s plan of salvation.  Season of Sharing considers the various talents and gifts working together to prepare us to share our faith. [ Download Show ]

March C - Season of Repentance. They will talk about the very powerful stories of Jesus’ transfiguration and his temptation, and the Prodigal Son. Lent is a time for us to consider our own lives; a kind of a spiritual six-week retreat before we celebrate Easter. It is the time to look inward and ask why Jesus came to begin with. He came because of sin. Jesus himself was tempted. He is not only our model in resisting temptation, He is also our source of strength. The Holy Spirit brings us conversion. [ Download Show ]

April C - Season of Joy. Easter is a season of joy and life. By his death, Christ has liberated us from sin; and by his resurrection he opens for us the way to a new life. So many fear death as the “unknown” but as you understand the kingdom and hope in God’s merciful judgement, fear is replaced by expectation and joy. All life centers on the resurrection of Jesus. [ Download Show ]

May C - Season of the Spirit. We are affected today by Easter, the Ascension and the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus to send to us the Holy Spirit. Christ came to earth to bring redemption, salvation and restoration of the people to God through grace. The result: the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. [ Download Show ]

June C - Season of Solemnities. Trinity, Corpus Christi, Birth of John the Baptist. [ Download Show ]

July C - Season of Journey. Travel with Jesus finding joy in the bumpy road. [ Download Show ]

August C - Season of Treasure. The August readings of Ordinary Time, Year C, give us a “Season of Treasure”. Learn how the Gospel prepares us to deal with our treasure and our possessions. [ Download Show ]

September C - Season of Acceptance. The Gospel reveals how God accepts those who are “unacceptable” by the world’s standards. The September Living Seasons of Change  “Season of Acceptance” gleans the parables from the Gospel of Luke. The parables have a multipurpose and allow for the growth that takes place in each hearer of the Word. [ Download Show ]

October C - Season of Faith. Shows the silver thread of faith that connects healing, persistence and truth. It covers the 27-30th Weeks of Ordinary Time. [ Download Show ]

November C - Season of the Kingdom. It reveals how the Kingdom of God is breaking through.  Our King protects and nourishes us and calls us to serve in battle.  It covers the 31st to the 33rd Weeks of Ordinary Time and the feasts of Christ the King and All Saints. [ Download Show ]