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"The Mass; the Mystery; and Me", facilitated by Janie Quinn and Patti Brunner was held on the beautiful campus of St. Vincent de Paul in Rogers, Arkansas. This audio recording is provided by Patriarch Ministries and Padua Media. “Women Growing in Faith” (WGIF) is a study group for women with sessions held in the fall and in the spring. For more information contact Debi Snyder, Director of Adult Education of SVdP at (479) 636-4020.

Session 1 - Father Shaun Wesley, former Associate Pastor.
Father Shaun Wesley discusses the liturgical garments worn during the celebration of the Mass. He explains each part of the Mass including the Introductory Rites, the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Concluding Rite and answers questions. [ Download: Part 1, Part 2]

Session 2 - Patti Brunner.
Patti Brunner leads study and discussion of “The Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of the Eucharist:  Basic Questions and Answers” a statement of the U.S. Bishops on the Real Presence of Jesus. A copy of the publication of the Bishops may be found at Included are such questions as “Why does Jesus give himself to us as food and drink?” and “Are the consecrated bread and wine “merely symbols”? [ Download Now ]

Session 3 - Msgr. David LeSieur, VF, Pastor.
Msgr. David LeSieur explains the “meal” of the Mass as he describes the recognition of Jesus in the breaking of the bread by the disciples at Emmaus. He uses delightful stories of other meals that include the Danish film “Babette’s Feast” and author Alex Haley to make clear the meaningfulness of eating a meal together. He then answers questions by the group. [ Download: Part 1, Part 2]

Session 4 - Patti Brunner.
Patti Brunner turns to the Old Testament to explain the Sacrifice of the Mass. In Exodus the Light of God led Moses and the people in the desert and the Light of Christ guides us. She explores the foreshadowing of the desert tabernacle, the temple mount, the Ark of the Covenant, and the actions of the High Priest. Sacred Scripture, including the Gospel of Matthew and Hebrews, and a meditation by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich are used to explain Passover and the eternal sacrifice of the Lamb of God. (Meditations by Emmerich are available at [ Download Now ]

Session 5 - Janie Quinn.
Janie Quinn focuses on the Liturgy of the Word, the Concluding Rite of the Mass and the call of putting our faith into action. The Gospel is honored as the Word of God during the Eucharistic Celebration. She uses the story of Peter, from Matthew chapter14, verses 22-33, stepping out the boat to walk toward Jesus to challenge us and Psalm 139 to encourage us. [ Download Now ]